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Rarity Learns To Mind Her Own Business ("Darlings! Help me!")

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 228288/rarity-learns-to-mind-her-own-business-darlings-help-me

Published: Nov '14

Review in No. 40042452
Rarity Learns To Mind Her Own Business ("Darlings! Help me!") is a 3.6k one-shot where Rarity suffers at the sight of the scriptwriters.
I initially wondered if the eyes were meant to be just the show's audience in general, but with the way Rarity says the eyes make her do things, and punish her if she tries to change things, I'm inclined to believe it's the writing team.
Either way, this is an interesting tale where Rarity laments how her desire to belong to high society and uphold some level of class always ends up as the butt of the joke and with everyone else being congratulated. It's a tad sad reading how Rarity tethers on the brink of depression and how she feels powerless against the eyes.
A short, but interesting tale.