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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 142088/splatterbarn

Published: Oct '13

Review in No. 40042666
Now there's a fanfiction. Splatterbarn is a 10k splatter fic, by which I mean the subgenre of horror that deliberately focuses on graphic portrayals of gore and violence.
The story goes that deep in the most remote orchards of Sweet Apple Acres, there's an abandoned barn that used to belong to their parents. When Big Mac and Applejack go check it out only to be confronted with MOTHERFUCKING DEMONS FROM HELL. They kidnap Applejack and leave Big Mac to die. Thankfully, a helpful floating mask of evil appears before him and offers him a chance to rescue his sister. Seeing how he's dying, he takes the offer, and becomes a HULKING MASS OF DEMON KILLING BADASSERY.
This loosely follows the setting of the Splatterhouse games, but it's not just a retelling with ponies thrown in. There's actually some plot thrown in that involves the past of the Apple family as well as AJ and Big Mac's dad.
You'd be surprised to know that this story is not as gory as you'd expect. Yes, Big Mac rips and tears his way through demonic creatures and the living barn itself, but I've read more explicit stuff on FiMFic. Hell, I'd say the level of gore is just barely above something like Cupcakes, for examples.
Nevertheless, this is a fun tale of action and violence. And I think there's value in that.