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The Nest

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 188136/the-nest

Published: May '14Jul '14

Review in No. 40042796
The Nest is a 13k word adventure thriller. A team of elite guards discovers a changeling nest, and must destroy it.
I think this story's alright. The characterisation is pretty good, and I like the way the cast interacts while out in the desert. However, I'm disappointed by the horror element. It is one of the tags, but I don't feel it's used to its full extent. There are moments filled with dread, yeah. When they first encounter the changelings and they get overwhelmed during the fight; and when they go into the nest itself, things get tense and dangerous fast. But it never really crossed the line into horror for me.
I still enjoyed it. There were certain things that seemed weird to me. Some characters seemed either too young or too old. But this seems to be the prequel to another story, so that may be the reason why.
A solid tense action story. Worth a read.