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Informed Delivery

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 483362/informed-delivery

Published: Nov '20

Review in No. 40059525
Informed Delivery is a 9,1k words romantic comedy in which everyone wants a bite out of Applejack's apple.
After the rumour of AJ being interested in looking for a special somepony spreads thanks to some loose lipped friends, she wakes up to a small mountain of love letters.
This was fine. Contrary to some other stories I've read, this one would've benefited from being shorter. Several scenes are fun in their own right, but they add little to the story as a whole. Plus, after AJ leaves the farm, none of the scenes are particularly funny. When she reads a bunch of the letters and turns down the ponies who wrote them, some of those moments were entertaining, but none struck me as particularly funny.
I remember reading a story called Applejack Anonymous, where it's revealed that everyone in Ponyville has the hots for AJ. I remember that one being better.
Overall, I can't stay this is more than okay. Serviceable, but there are better stories out there.