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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 537202/hyperesthesia

Published: Jun '23

Review in No. 40061263
Hyperesthesia is a 1k horror story about the spookiest topic of all: Equestria Girls. OoOoOoO!
In all seriousness, this was an interesting read. Sci-Twi snags Sunset's magic diary to deliver a dire warning to Princess Twilight.
With how short it is, I can't talk about the plot without spoiling it. So let me recommend this. It was clever, it was well written, and it was effective. If you want to kill five minutes, this is pretty good.
Spoilers from now on.
Damn, that's awful. I don't think the movies ever specified how long Sunny has been on Earth, but it's got to have been a few years now. That means Earth Sunset Shimmer has been in excruciating pain for a good chunk of her life. No wonder nobody has seen her. She's probably spent all this time in a special care unit. It's pretty fucked up. Even more so considering how Sci-Twi genuinely considered suicide but her condition wouldn't let her die. And her episodes only lasted a few days. I can't imagine how your body would be wrecked after years of that.
As with any story this short, its effectiveness lays in the implications beyond its text, and I think Hyperesthesia succeeded at that. Definitely worth a read.