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All the Mortal Remains

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 229453/all-the-mortal-remains

Published: Dec '14

Review in No. 40062444

In the ruins of the treebrary, Twilight finds an urn with the ashes of the former librarian and sets out trying to solve the mystery of his final resting place. A fantastic oneshot and the best SoL fic I've read in years. Truly a highlight of the genre. The mystery aspect's a bit lacking, given there's no urgency or large stakes to what's going on, and is mainly there to serve as structure for the SoL element.

The characterization of the M6 is excellent and is what really carries most of the fic as more and more information into Page Turner is revealed, until it culminates with some poignant Treebrary lore that serves as the climax of the story. If only all SoL fics could be like this one.