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Friendship is Mind Control: Consequences

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Published: Apr '16Apr '20

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Minimum spoilers ahead. The fic appears dead and is a sequel to Friendship is Mind Control.

I find myself with very little to say. What I said in my review of the original fic still holds. In particular, the author's true talent is in writing Twilight's internal conflicts over the ethics of mind control and in facing the consequences of fucking up mind control. This is still a strength in this fic, but it's far weaker because of a new fault in the sequel. This fault is that Twilight has added even more characters to her harem and must spend time maintaining it. Several chapters start with a scene where a character realises that Twilight hasn't fucked them in a while, which is then resolved within a chapter or so. My review of the original suggests that I enjoyed the smut, but I can't remember having that experience here. I don't know if the frequent maintenance sex is to blame for this, but it certainly contributes. I think that the main thing that I will remember from this fic is the handful of scenes where Twilight and Trixie try to fix the problems with Twilight's magic that have resulted from her gaining a great deal more power. It's a shame that they were so few in number.

Overall, I don't think much of the fic and can't defend its huge word count. The combined length of this fic and its sequel is greater than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. That seems like an unfair comparison, but I'd even go as far as to say that I'd struggle to decide between rereading this and reading the same word count of Harry Potter books (okay... maybe not OotP). For what good FiMC has, the word count is indefensible.