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The Tirek Who Tolerated Me

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 435790/the-tirek-who-tolerated-me

Published: Apr '19Feb '23

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This is a 101k crossover fic where spy from tf2 swaps bodies with tirek as a part of the ladders escape plan. though the intended outcome was supposed to swap both body and mind. Now spy has to break out of Tartarus working alongside cozy glow. Breaking out WITH Cozy, specifically. Because she’s you know, a child? locked in hell? even if she thinks otherwise. If you know tf2 you can guess why he cares in the first place.

I recently caught up with this fic and liked it quite a lot. It’s unfortunate that the update rate is glacially slow and and erratic. I was initially a bit put off by the first chapter but trudged through it since it seemed promising.
The two characters actually play off each other quite well. with them quickly realizing the others intelligence and abilities, with spy breaking through cozy’s facade without much effort. Initially fucking with and lying to her to try and understand the filly. Though they stop that once they realize they have a common goal. Watching the two work together to try and use their brains and the resources they can scrounge up in order to mess with their warden and free themselves was greatly engaging the whole way through. And actually quite tense. With them having to tread carefully in both action and word in order to snatch small baby step victories from the jaws of defeat. It certainly helps that their warden, tempest is very observant herself and is a constant and palpable threat to the two. Always keeping the two on their toes and thinking fast to shift circumstances back in their favor. As for why they don’t just explain he’s not tirek? Well, spy thought that rulers who throw children into an immortal hell might not be the most forgiving and reasonable negotiators. also he backstabbed Luna in his dream and realized his reputation was now down the shitter with whatever the consequences of that might be