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The Keepers of Discord

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 25125/the-keepers-of-discord

Published: Nov '12

Review in No. 40112927
After Discord is encased in stone in Return of Harmony, Celestia assigns a Keeper to him -- a mare whose job is looking after the statue and trying to make sure that he doesn't feel too lonely. Discord hates it, of course.
All that (You) need to know is that it's a truly excellent comfy/feelsy oneshot with a great ending. Notably, it was written before S3, so this portrayal of Discord ends up diverging from the canon we later got, but it's nonetheless really good. Better character development than what the show did it, and in less than 12k words. The pacing is fantastic, the story never gets boring, the writing is very elegant for a 2012 fic, and the characters are great.
It's almost impossible to find anything that's not really nice here, barring the writer's decision to have Discord swear a couple times. The fic's setting is very close to the show, so to me it felt out of place even for the Lord of Chaos.
Being "only" a oneshot, a longer review would be unnecessary. This is a fic that has maintained one of the highest ratings on the site for over a decade, and for a good reason. You can't go wrong reading it; it's practically all great. As one of the best short fics the site has to offer, it deserves a 10/10 grade.