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Sometimes a Popsicle Is Just a Popsicle

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 42216/sometimes-a-popsicle-is-just-a-popsicle

Published: Aug '12

Review in No. 40124895
This is a 1.5k comedy fic where celestia taste tests some mane six flavored popsicles because Luna suggested the idea to an ice cream company and they had to run the prototypes by celestia first. All in all this little fic was decent, though the payoff of celestia being horny for twilight popsicle was kinda flat. She was also overly agitated and aggressive over the whole “mane six popsicles” thing in a way that doesn’t fit her character. Luna being the troll was funny though, same with positing what flavors are befitting of each of the elements of harmony.

Also slightly on topic, mlp ice cream bars were actually a thing, idk if anyone remembers. Apparently the pinkie pie one just tasted like cotton candy. I’m mildly surprised I couldn’t find any references to or evidence of any horny anons melting them down and using them as pretend mare sex juice.