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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 539121/oneiromance

Published: Jul '23

Review in No. 40128104
At first, I gave it an instant downvote for being first person, but I eventually went back after realizing that it didn't have spelling errors or otherwise awkwardly constructed paragraphs.
Actually, this shorfic is dense and quite a lot of it is spent on creating a unique interpretation on oneironavigation, that is, dreamwalking. This author likes using fancy words, made up or not. At least they can express ideas with them!
Mind the tags, there is a tweeeeest, and this isn't the happy Tunafic that it initially seems to be. Being a tragedy, and first person, and densely written all together made this fic hard to read, so I would only recommend it on the virtue of being an unusual, compact exploration of oneiromancy. You might consider it as needing an AU tag because this interpretation of dreamwalking requires that only Luna practice it and is definitely incompatible with S5 onward, but it otherwise doesn't anchor itself.