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Hollow Feathers

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 539335/hollow-feathers

Published: Jul '23

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Author vents onto pastel horses, don't bother.

In slightly more words, what's so annoying here is that this idea could've been good. I love the (sadly only lightly explored in canon) aspect of RD's personality that makes her act all brave and awesome because she thrives on external validation. It adds texture to RD's character and I wish more authors incorporated it into their RD fics when applicable to the plot.
But this is not that. This is just author self-inserting into RD and being overly dramatic as he vents for fifteen hundred words. It's obvious from the "fic" alone, but to make it worse, the author says it in the A/N -- after the fic, when you've already wasted five minutes reading it. I won't grade a vent story, but I'll recommend avoiding.