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Twilight Makes a Friend

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 451371/twilight-makes-a-friend

Published: Oct '19

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>And also because she was dead.
'Twilight Makes a Friend' is a five-thousand word horror-comedy oneshot, about Twilight's somewhat desperate attempts at creating a Frankenstein's monster to serve as an eternal friend to her. She hopes to accomplish this by merging the good "qualities" (i.e. the organs) of all her once-alive friends.
I am a bit conflicted about this story. The prose is great, the author operates with varied words, vibrant descriptions and valiant attempts at humor. Hell, in one of the paragraphs they even suddenly break out in long alliteration, which is about as impressive as it is unexpected. Sadly, however, for me most of the jokes didn't really hit and I couldn't really find this story funny, but I do nonetheless appreciate at least the effort.
I feel like the thing that makes or breaks this story for one is whether the reader is squeamish (the writer spares no attention to detail when it comes to gore) and whether they are into shock humor. Because at the end of the day, while this story is still much more nuanced than Cupcakes, it more or less works on the same basic idea: dismemberment and oh-so-wacky psychopathy. If the macabre image of Twilight talking to the corpses of her friends while hacking away at them with cleavers tickles your fancy, then surely this story will entertain you. Otherwise there is still some merit to be seen in the varied prose, but I personally didn't step away from the story with much satisfaction.
The ending while a bit on the disappointing side on a cursory glance, is at least a humorous twist that manages to be somewhat amusing despite the fact that you can see it from a mile away.
Overall: 6/10 Due to the impressive wordsmithing and the humor (even if it didn't appeal to me personally) the story deserves the higher than average score. However, whether I can recommend it to potential readers depends on how much they're into gore and macabre comedy. If you like such things, you'll most likely enjoy this story. If you don't like to be reminded of death, blood and intestines, I recommend avoiding it entirely.