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Loqui Veritatem In Caritate

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 485975/loqui-veritatem-in-caritate

Published: Dec '20

Review in No. 40148404
Latin title is a 2k oneshot about an optimistic priest being visited by the devil. Upon saying that I realise I don't have much else to say. Mr. Waddle is a priest of the Celestial faith, discord pops in to annoy him a bit, they have a chat about faith, the end.
It's a fine story, but it's strengths rely on the world it paints beyond its wordcount, because the story itself is as straightforward as you imagine. Discord does some light joking at the expense of Waddle's adherence to the old rites, but that's it. There's no big prodding of the details of his faith, or even a temptation or mockery of his belief. It makes sense, considering the route it takes with Discord's character, but that leaves a story with a very surface level observation of faith and religion.
I suppose that's better than the more common alternative of pointing at a religious strawman and going "you bad", but I still feel more could've been accomplished.
Cool cover art, though.