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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 158759/blankets

Published: Feb '14

Review in No. 40168192
Blankets is a 2,5k word introspective fic where Carrot Cake thinks about how he let a rift come between his wife and him after the birth of the twins.
This was a nice read. As nice as it can be considering the subject matter. Cup Cake cucking captain cake has been a meme for well over a decade now, and this story does a decent job at portraying how bad he feels for doubting his wife, and how that lead to them slowly drifting apart.
Not all is sad, though. Carrot had a DNA test performed so his doubts are assuaged. However, he still feels like a piece of shit for doing that behind his wife's back. So he chooses to be a better husband in the future.
A simple view on a troubled stallion, and I think a decent read for such a short story.