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Why Are You Here, Your Majesty?

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 361736/why-are-you-here-your-majesty

Published: Jan '17

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Why Are You Here, Your Majesty? is an 8,3k word Drama fic in which Queen Chrysalis visits Princess Celestia after the events of the Season 6 finale.
First off, I don't understand why this story has three chapters. The entire story is one continuous scene, and it's not as if it breaks in pivotal moments. You could say that each chapter focuses on one aspect of Chrissy's regrets and frustrations, and I'd call that a stretch. It abruptly cuts the conversation at the end of one chapter and then immediately continues at the start of the other. And it's not as if is was a way to manage the length of the story. This is barely over 8k words, perfectly fine for a one-shot.
You may think I'm being to hard on the story for this one little thing, but that's just because I think it's the only really bad part of the story. Other than it being set in latter seasons canon. I think the story is pretty good. Both Celestia and Chrysalis feel in character, the drama isn't forced, nobody presents a last minute solution that wraps everything up in a nice little bow.
Anyway, plot. Chrysalis sneaks into the Castle to see Celestia, essentially just to talk. It's not just her venting frustrations, though. She presents actual worries as well as an interesting view on changeling physiology. She's tired of the endless cycle in which she's found herself trapped, and would like to have a way out. But how? How can she go against her very nature and beliefs? How can she abandon her ways, when it's the only thing that has worked for changelings before?
I really like the world presented in this fic, and the way it's presented. A definite recommendation.