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Uada Village

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 60704/uada-village

Published: Dec '12

Review in No. 40198785
Uada Village is a 5k, OC-centric horror one-shot.
Bronze Plate's life is shitty. Like, really shitty. He lost his job due to circumstances beyond his control. He couldn't support his wife and unborn child, so she left him. He now has a terrible job that barely pays enough for him to live. His landlord is an asshole. And his only way of entertainment is checking out books from the library.
The story itself feels like a bland Silent Hill wannabe with a protracted opening. The build up would work if anything about the main character's life ended up with some pay-off once he reaches the spooky town of Uada. Like how James's backstory influences the monsters he finds in Silent Hill 2. Nothing about how he lost his job, or how he couldn't support his family. Just regular villagers turned into monsters.
The writing is decent on a technical level, and there are moments that feel tense, but it all feels shallow. Bronze arrives to this town, looks around but there's nopony anywhere, goes to sleep and he's abruptly awaken to find monsters lurking the streets before they gang up on him and the story ends.
I feel there was potential to tell a good story here, but the way it was written just leaves you with a subpar tale.