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The Princess of Taxes

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 531160/the-princess-of-taxes

Published: Feb '23

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Princess of Taxes is a 5,9k fic that is not at all about how Applejack is the only level headed mare who can actually do the bureaucratic work that comes with being a Princess. That would've been interesting, and we can't have that. I'm exaggerating a bit, but my point still stands.
Do you know the Princess Applejack threads? They basically take that premise and have AJ deal with doing paperwork to keep Equestria running as well as the usual shenanigans you can imagine.
That's not what this story is about. In fact, this is more akin to early 00's sex comedies. And not even the good ones.
A drunken Luna comes to Sweet Apple Acres. Not to rent Big Mac for the night, as she usually does (sex, that is), but to have AJ help her sort out details for a new bill. AJ is so good at this, that Luna decides on the spot to have AJ ascend to alicornhood. AJ doesn't really mind, so she goes along with it. In spite of some unsubtle racism on Luna's part. Nevertheless, upon her ascension, she realises she's now in a constant heat, so she moves out of Sweet Apple Acres so she doesn't fuck Big Mac. While her castle is being built, she goes around seeing if any of the other girls could take her in, if only for a couple of days.
Cue a series of wacky encounters that either involve sex jokes or racism. And not even the fun kind! The story sorta gets back on track when she goes to Fluttershy's cottage and she has a talk with Discord. Though there are still a few sex jokes thrown in.
Eh... I can't say I liked it. If I'd gone into the story with the mindset of "sex jokes and mudponies", I would've liked it more, but I still don't think it's that good on that front.
Don't read it. Or do. If the idea intrigues you, you may be better off reading stuff from the Princess Applejack threads. I'm sure there's got to be more from there up on FiMFiction.