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Sukidakara (Because I Like You)

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 488838/sukidakara-because-i-like-you

Published: Feb '21

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Sukidakara is a 4,2k sad romance. Kinda. It's very much about painful one-sided attraction.
Twilight has had a crush on Pinkie Pie for years, but she never really realised it, until a particular romance novel and a bit of prodding by her friends finally connect the dots for her and make her come to terms with the fact that, yes, she is in love with Pinkie. A pity that she notices this just after Pinkie got engaged to Cheese Sandwich.
I enjoyed the tragic frustration Twilight feels through the story. That feeling you could've done much more, but not knowing if it would've made a difference. It's not perfect, but it does paint a solid view on unrequited love.
The characters in the romance novel being such clear parallels to Twilight and Pinkie did feel a bit on the nose, though. I'm sure there was a way to have the characters embody both of them without being so obvious. Still, it worked, and that's something that I can say about the fic as a whole. It worked.
Neither a tear jerker, nor a deep drama, Sukidakara is an engaging melancholic tale. If you like sad, bad end Twinkies, this is pretty good.