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I wrote this story about the cutie mark crusaders making an only fan's using voice to text in about 15 minutes and it shows.

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 537799/i-wrote-this-story-about-the-cutie-mark-crusaders-making-an-only-fans-using-voice-to-text-in-about-15-minutes-and-it-shows

Published: Jun '23

Review in No. 40218285
This "story" is a gimmick: The author rambled for 15 minutes into a speech-to-text program, and this is the result. The result is weirdly hilarious. It has bizarre digressions about things like the author's girlfriend being autistic, NFTs, and California. The technical quality is atrocious, since the author has made no attempt to fix the many errors introduced by his speech-to-text software, nor to remove the censoring it added, nor to add line breaks, nor to add quotation marks to dialog. Sometimes, you may need to read a phrase aloud, or imagine it being read aloud, to understand what it's supposed to be (for example, "cutie Mercury saters" is "Cutie Mark Crusaders"). At only 1,109 words, it's mercifully short, and despite the title and the tags, it's not foalcon. Overall, for me, it had that "so-bad-it's-good" feeling and was almost like a satire of truly bad writing. I can't actually recommend this fic, and I feel dumber for reading it, but I don't want my time back. Well, not that much.