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The Night Mare Society

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Published: Apr '15May '15

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The Night Mare Society is a 6,5k word horror reminiscent of "Who's Afraid of the Dark?" The CMC induct Babs Seed into their little spooky storytelling group. Each night, one of the members tells a spooky story for the rest to judge.
This is a really alright fic. I appreciate it's not just a collection of three short stories, but a story about these friends telling stories. There are good character moments, funny bits here and there, and I like the way the girls play off each other. The creativity doesn't extend to the spooky stories themselves, though.
They're not bad, but they're pretty standard. The one about Dash was more hilarious than anything. Dumb pegasus. The AJ one was pretty basic, but had good moments peppered throughout. The Rarity story was probably the best, with a solid atmosphere, but the concept wasn't properly explored, and it ends up feeling more like one of the lesser Goosebumps novels.
Overall, my impression was positive, but I've read far better stories that do what this tries to do.