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The King and the Changeling

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 313869/the-king-and-the-changeling

Published: Feb '16

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The King and the Changeling is a 7,3k tragic fairy tale. Remember the breezies? They're back. In bug form.
This really does feel like a fairy tale. In that it's very telly, but it has an engaging atmosphere. The story shows the fate of King Helmet Shell and his subjects. After they're trapped in Equestria, they make their home in the Everfree Forest, and terrorise the nearby apple farm to survive. However, they're being observed by a mysterious being.
As I read this, and once something happens that changes the nature of the breezies, I was under the impression this fic would show how the breezies transformed into parasprites. That would've been cool. However, I had forgotten the title of the story.
Spoilers, by the way.
Trying to undo this curse--allegedly--placed on them by that robed old crone living in the forest, they seek the help of a mysterious bug creature, who tricks them into becoming changelings subservient to her. In turn, King Helmet Shell attacks the creature and turns her magic on her, becoming a changeling herself.
I am a bit confused about the timeline, though. We've never been told how often the breezies go gather pollen before returning to their weird dimension, but this takes place while Zecora is alive and the current Apple family--I think--live in Sweet Apple Acres. But, at the same time, changelings don't exist yet. So, sometime around S1~2. That's odd. You'd think Chrissy and the 'lings would've been around for longer.
Overall, a pretty good tale. Helmet Shell's characterization is quite simplistic, but what is there works. Zecora is neat. Proto-Chrysalis is good, too.