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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 79436/reprise

Published: Jan '13

Review in No. 40227301
Reprise is a 1,8k word sadfic about failure. Sadly, it does not fail at that, so it's not thematically consistent.
Set during the S3 premiere, the story depicts an alternate version of the fight with Sombra. No Spike, Shining, or Cadance this time around. Just a good ol' fashioned tumble between the M6 and the baddie. This time, however, Sombra is far more efficient and quickly disposes of the girls, one by one, as the lyrics of "I wasn't prepared for this" ring in her mind.
Spoilers for a sad shortfic. Twilight sacrifices herself to defeat Sombra and save the girls.
I think this is as good as you can expect from such a short story. It's well written, and each of the moments where each of the girls are defeated carry some impact. Even the end, where Celestia sees the group walk out while carrying Twi's body felt strong, and in a much longer fic, it would've been a very poignant moment.
As it stands, it's just an okay fic.