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The Boy Who Disappeared

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Published: Oct '20Aug '21

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>In a dream, a dying Chrysalis offers all of her power to Harry. Harry accepts so he can turn into a girl, just like he's wanted ever since Hermione saved him from Dudley and healed him with magic when they were in second grade.
>In a dream, a dying Celestia offers all of her power to Hermione. Hermione accepts so she can use the power to counteract the incurable muscle disorder that would otherwise eventually leave her too weak to move her own body.
>In a dream, a dying Cadance offers all of her power to Ginny. Ginny accepts, and when she wakes up, her imaginary twin sister Ariel has come to life alongside her.
>In a dream, a dying Flurry Heart offers all of her power to Ron. Ron tells her to fuck off - he can take care of his own problems.
>In a dream, a dying Twilight offers all of her power to Draco, which he accepts. She also gives him a pep talk about being treated as nobility, which he was previously quite anxious about, and explains why all the cool horses are fucking dead. Also, Draco casts a ward against the death spell while in the dream, which has the side effect that he wakes up as a girl.

Da Rulez:
>the bad guys' spell is supposed to vaporize the target and banish their soul to another dimension
>someone in that other dimension gets a vision of the target offering all of their power
>if the host refuses the offer within the first two minutes of the vision, then the spell is cancelled and the target comes back to life, unharmed and immune to the spell
>if the host refuses after more than two minutes but less than two hours, then the target dies permanently
>if the host refuses after more than two hours, both the host and the target die
>if the host accepts, then they get all of the target's power, and the target's soul is trapped in that dimension
>the spell is reversed, recreating the target's original body, if the host touches another target who survived the spell

The bad guys attacked during a diplomatic meeting between Chrysalis and literally everyone important. Luna and Shining Armor are encased in crystal, and Celestia, Cadance, Twilight, and Chrysalis got vaporized, leaving a hyper-competent eight-year-old Flurry Heart in charge. Now Silversong, being the only one who knows Da Rulez so far, needs to track down Hailey, Hermione, Ginny, and maybe Ron and Ariel too, so they can all go to Equestria and make contact with Flurry Heart.

How's that for a premise? The author promised "a unique twist in the world of HP/MLP crossovers", and certainly seems to have delivered