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The Best Anniversary Ever

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 149337/the-best-anniversary-ever

Published: Dec '13

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The Best Anniversary Ever is a 9k sex comedy. It's the Cakes's anniversary, and like any good couple who manages to have some free time on their special day, they want to fuck. Pinkie has different plans.
The whole story boils down to Cup and Carrot wanting to get some, but Pinkie perpetual pestering pertaining their party prevents them from getting some. The upside is that since they start having sex only to be stopped three different times, they've been building up some sexual frustration, and this edging leads to them having a big, messy orgasm when they finally get to have sex.
I guess my biggest complaint is that there's no reason why the Cakes couldn't have been direct about what they wanted. Pinkie meant well, but sex apparently isn't a thing in her mind. Fair, but the Cakes were really pent up. There was no reason why they couldn't have just told Pinkie they needed some time alone, fucked in peace, and then let Pinkie throw them the party she wanted.
Nevertheless, it was a fun story. And effective, too. It's not often that you get happy clop about a married couple loving each other, and this delivers on that front. There are no grand feats, or multiorgasmic thrusting techniques. Just two ponies who love each other and are really into each other.
If you want some clop that has more substance than regular, as well as some funny moments, I can recommend this.