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The Funeral of Twilight Sparkle

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 470258/the-funeral-of-twilight-sparkle

Published: Jun '20

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The Funeral of Twilight Sparkle is a 9,5k word Comedy SoL. Twilight realises her immortality means she'll see all of her friends's funeral, but they'll never get to see hers. She seeks to correct this.
A comedy that's actually funny? Say it ain't so. The story isn't as absurdist as it sounds. Twilight just wants to prepare a mock funeral for herself, so her friends have a symbolic way to let them pay her respects. It's a nice enough sentiment, and you can kinda see why Twilight would think this is a good idea.
With no small amount of objections, her friends eventually agree. Twilight will ingest a special potion to go into a coma while her friends prepare her wake and pretend funeral. It's not long before things get out of control. The information leaks, and soon the rumour mill starts running. Nobody thinks of letting the rest of Equestria know, and soon the whole world is mourning the passing of Princess Twilight. The rest of the story is different characters coming to pay their respects while hilarious shenanigans ensue.
Once the end comes, the story loses some steam. Twilight realises everyone thought she was dead for real, and gets really mad at her friends for not clearing things up to avoid misunderstandings. She immediately goes to Starlight and is informed this was foreseen and an article was run on the news that day about how Twilight miraculously rose from the dead.
Finally, a joke about Twilight being a Christ-like figure and her punishing Starlight by making her an apostle, and the story is over.
Eh... The story lost me at some point. I liked the start and the middle, but the rest of the M6 had nothing to do once the wake started. Twilight's family had a good scene, but then we cycle through that guy from education service, and the student six. They were funny scenes, but it all feels so shallow.
Still, I had a couple of laughs, and the concept was good. If you can stomach latter seasons canon, this is a fine read.