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The Consuming Darkness

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 464360/the-consuming-darkness

Published: Mar '20Jul '20

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The Consuming Darkness is a 5,8k words comedy SoL starring eldritch horrors stuck in Equestria.
Picture this: You're an ancient, all-encompassing creature of horror beyond the confines of the universe. Life's good. However, due to magical mishaps, your consciousness finds itself trapped in a feeble mortal body somewhere in a land of colorful creatures. This is what has happened to The Consuming Darkness, and he just wants to leave.
This was a wonderful read. I don't know if I'd call it a comedy, really, but the way The Consuming Darkness--currently known as "Condi"--tries to understand life, as well as the disdain he has for ponies and the even bigger contempt in which he helds the other eldritch beings that have made their way to Equestria. It was so nice seeing him act all boisterous and angry, specially when contrasted with how kind and understanding Rarity is with him and the others.
I think the highest point of praise is Condi itself. He undergoes character development that, while not deep, is certainly fun to read. Discord is also a solid addition to the story. Him also a minor manifestation of the larger concept of Entropy itself. Just that small talk Condi and him have is fun and an interesting insight into how Discord works.
As for other characters... they don't really do much. Sweetie Belle is there for a small joke and to aid in Condi's development. The other gods (Time Implacable, He Who Hungers, and The Watcher of All Things) are there for a couple of jokes and not much more. They're all fine, but I would've loved to see how Condi played off of them at length.
Nevertheless, I can wholeheartedly recommend this story. Quite the good time.