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May God Bless Your Soul

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 470141/may-god-bless-your-soul

Published: Jun '20

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May God Bless Your Soul is a 2,5k word dark horror story. In it, Twilight goes insane due to reading an ancient book. That's the gist of it, really.
There's this old book from ancient hippogriff times that remains untranslated. It's been said that whoever tries studying it will go mad. Twilight thinks it's nonsense, since fragments of it have been translated and analysed through history with no problem, so she's gonna give it a go.
What you expect will happen, happens. The bits we see of the book don't seem anything out of the ordinary, though. There's this hippogriff called Vynia who took down the evil queen and is trying to restablish order. Then, she starts suspecting her aide, Alyx, is trying to kill her, so Vynia has her slain. Finally, it turns out it was the head chef who tried to poison her and not Alyx. What a bummer.
Parallel to this, Twilight gets a stomach ache and suspects Spike is trying to poison her. For some reason. She starts getting vivid nightmares, and her fears build up to the point she feels she has to kill Spike before he kills her.
I say "builds" up, but with how short this story is, it's more of a few consecutive leaps. I think it would've benefitted from a more straightforward approach. Have Twilight read the book, and the further she goes, the more her mind deteriorates, and she starts making all sorts of wild connections in her mind. Essentially what we have now, but better structured, so it's a steep descent into madness.
Overall, an okay fic, but one that falls short of reaching its full potential. At least Spike's dead, I suppose. That should make some people happy.