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Can You Say...Forgiveness?

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Published: Aug '23

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"Can You Say...Forgiveness?" is a crossover between EqG and Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Yes, you read that right. Don't judge me too much. I have fond memories of watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood when I was little.

The story is framed as an episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Fred Rogers shows you, his neighbor, a scrapbook with a picture of him and Sunset Shimmer. With Trolley's help (ding ding!), we make believe that we're outside Canterlot High School.

Someone called "Anon-A-Miss" has created a webpage with scandalous rumors about CHS students. The page suggests that Anon-A-Miss is Sunset, so all of CHS now hates her. Sunset is summoned to Principal Celestia's office. The Cutie Mark Crusaders have just confessed to being Anon-A-Miss because they were jealous of how much time their sisters were spending with Sunset. Sunset is furious. She storms out of the office and flips out on random students. This culminates in her breaking Rainbow Dash's nose and running away.

Sunset stumbles into a church. Fred Rogers just happens to be there. (I guess CHS is in Pittsburgh?) He's going to deliver presents to sick kids in the hospital, and could Sunset help him? Of course she does. He invites her to his home. Sunset sees Fred's scrapbook. He was the minister at Bright Mac and Pear Butter's wedding, he baptized Big Mac, Applejack, and Apple Bloom, and he's friends with Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. Sunset confesses that she's been cutting herself. Fred makes her feel better by telling her that he was once a fat kid. The Mane Six and CMCs show up, having tracked Sunset via her phone. Everyone forgives everyone else. Fred takes a picture with Sunset.

Months later, Sunset goes out of her way to befriend Wallflower Blush. Fred shows up and everyone shares a group hug.

We stop playing make believe. Mister McFeely and Derpy arrive. Derpy is learning about delivering the mail today. Sunset has sent Fred a letter. It has a photo of her with her friends and the children at the hospital. Fred concludes the show.

This fic is weird. The real Fred Rogers was an ordained minister and did view his show as ministry; this fic is Christian in the same way, that is, Christianity is a strong but never mentioned influence. Many of the scenes between Sunset and Fred are not quite sermons. These feel only a little pony-like. MLP sometimes tries to teach the viewer how to be a better person, but not so straightforwardly.

The story is unremarkable. Everything is resolved a bit too easily. Technically, the fic is mediocre. The framing is awkward, especially at the beginning. There are some grammatical errors, but nothing too bad.

Despite all of that, I found this fic oddly appealing. I think that's because I like Mister Rogers. If you like him, too, then you might enjoy this fic. Otherwise there's not much to recommend it.