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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 500939/ragnark

Published: Aug '21

Review in No. 37394440
'Ragnarök' is a one and half-thousand word oneshot about the end of the world as we know it, through the eyes of Celestia. Considering the fic's shortness, there is not too much to say about it, but I have to admit with such a title I expected some vicious final confrontation. If not a war, then at least a struggle against the inevitable, in the form of denial, attempts at science or perhaps even magic. Instead we meander for a thousand words, while Celestia explains that the reason why culture has collapsed is because future-vision eventually stops working and that this demotivated the ponies so much that the nation has basically disintegrated overnight. Even though I understand the author's intentions, I find the speed of events silly and unrealistic, especially for such optimistic creatures. Then in the climax of the story Celestia faces a white wolf, both of them look remorseful, then the wolf eats her. Hope you don't miss those last five minutes of your life.
Overall: 1/10 Serviceable at best prose, a title that goes to waste (though it's not particularly original in the first place), hardly anything happens. This was more or less an experiment in seeing what sort of stuff gets published in the "New Stories" box. Avoid this story, unless you need an exercise in what you shouldn't do with your story.