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Flurry Heart Dates a...

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 541163/flurry-heart-dates-a

Published: Aug '23

Review in No. 40272862
This is a 1.4K word comedy fic where shining and cadence initially do not approve of flurry wanting to date a changeling. So the changeling pretends to be a bunch of really shitty dates for flurry to present to her parents in order to set himself up to look much better by comparison. …even though he was already a good dude with good credentials besides being a changeling from the start. So the whole premise seems kind of weakly justified, especially given the language used, since it wasn’t really terse or strong or anything.
>”They're still a bit weird about that whole changeling-thing with their wedding."
>”Shining and Cadance looked at each other, then frowned at Flurry.”
>”Cadance squinted.”
And that’s all we get on that front.
While the comedy did land most of the time for me, the briefness with which they were delivered, with the story moving on to the next little blurb with the next date immediately after delivering the punchline with the previous one, left me feeling unsatisfied. I think the briefness of the fic was to its own detriment here. The prose themselves where also fairly basic and mediocre.
It was a fun enough fic. 5/10