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Published: Sep '16Oct '16

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This is an AU fic in which the cosmic sisters are written firstly as goddesses. In other words, it's something of an experimental fic in which their divinity is turned up as far as possible, with only the constraint being that they still interact with their subjects on a constant basis. In this respect, it seems like a successful experiment, although you should be prepared for rather a lot of ponies losing control of their bodily functions in the presence of deities.
zeus_tfc does a decent job of capturing the sort of overwhelming presence that Celestia, as a goddess, might have. However, beyond that, there's not very much to explore. The plot is a retelling of S1E1-2; most things are at least slightly changed, but Twilight's arrival in Ponyville and encounters with Pinkie, AJ and RD are all 1:1, after which even the author got bored with it. There was never much to be done with the believability of the Everfree trek vs NMM, and, to its credit, this fic doesn't try to solve that. Instead, the fic doesn't have trouble keeping itself interesting by providing variations or outright replacements of the Element-defining encounters in the Everfree.
Mostly, the reason to read this fic is that you want to read about a Celestia who really makes the title "Her Radiance" her own.