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The Roles We (Are Fated to) Play

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Published: Sep '23

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14k of Cozy Glow apologia to explain why she's an evil golly loli. The fic is really a Flurry/Cadance Who Wants to Live Forever? and is dripping with that sad melancholic tone that permeates the "serious" fics in the genre. It's probably the best done Cozy Glow apologia fic so far, but it's still not great, since it has to shit on Cadance to do it.

Desperate that she'll be alone forever, Cadance created a dark magic spell from Twilight's sperging that creates an immortal daughter, at the cost of taking the soul from some random pony in Equestria and leaving behind an evil shell. Not the worst apologia out there but still not the greatest.

It also does that "here's a sad ending, but there's a big unresolved thing" that's common with these kinds of fics I'm not a big fan of. Perhaps the biggest issue, though, is a twelve year old Flurry having philosophical immortality angst for no reason. Not only is she far too young to be able to grasp such existentialism, but she doesn't even have the "everyone I know will die" thing going for her since both her mom and aunt are immortal and she has no social life. Really seemed like the author wanted her to be in her twenties, but couldn't due to the foalcon issue.