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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 543517/scolopendromorpha

Published: Oct '23

Review in No. 40385397
'Scolopendromorpha' is a two-thousand and six hundred-word horror oneshot. Fluttershy hunts in the dead of the night.
This isn't a story that would shock you with its wild twists, for there are none here. From the very description and cover art it is obvious that the monster is Flutters, but what I really enjoyed is that the story plays itself entirely straight. There are no cop-outs, no "whoops it was actually a cutesy story all along" and that makes it all the better. That and how well the author uses the prose to convey just how gross of a monster Fluttershy is, while still being a thinking and caring being. From her transformation, to her 'unusual' appendages, to the means of eating, it could easily make one squeamish if they're susceptible to such stuff. There is also no ridiculous moralising about whether what she does is wrong or not: She recognises that this is her means of survival and has absolutely no qualms whether to kill or not, it's only a matter of 'who'.
Overall: 8/10 This was a refreshing read. Sure, it won't surprise you with its novelty (I was originally thinking of beginning this post as "Fluttershy is the Thing" but that would've felt a bit trite) and it's a super short story, but what it sets out to do, it does greatly, it's gross without overdoing it and turning laughable, the nice choice of words makes it eerie, and the story doesn't overstay its welcome to defeat its own atmosphere or start making holes in its own suspension of disbelief, so I can only recommend it if you like short horror fics.
Review in No. 40718025
Scolopendromorpha is a 2,6k word horror story. A monster near Ponyville is expecting her offspring, and she needs to find some food to prepare for their arrival.
I'm going to spoil the story right away. This is okay, because the story makes it evident after a few paragraphs. The monster is Fluttershy. She's actually some sort of centipede going around Ponyville eating ponies to nurture her offspring.
Does it make sense? No. Is it entertaining? I think it was. There's also an aspect of this being the second attack in the month, and who knows how many in general. There's general worry in Ponyville, but despite being her usual scared self, Fluttershy feels safe, because she trusts she can throw them off her scent, just like she has done before.