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Tomorrow Spring is Here

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 91954/tomorrow-spring-is-here

Published: Mar '13

Review in No. 40391233
Tomorrow Spring is Here is a 5,6k romance one-shot. Except I lied. It's not about romance, it's about Fan Fiction Romanceā„¢.
You know what I'm talking about. The one where the main character has to deal with the baffling bouts of bashfulness befitting a barely budding boy. Where the mere sight of the object of their affection turns them into a blubbering bufoon, babbling bizarre banter.
Take that and double it, because this story has Twilight being a dense anime protagonist who is completely baffled by the concept of "love", and Dash is secretly a sperg who loses her mind at the mere idea of confessing.
It's a shame. I remembered this story as a funny one-shot where Dash goes a little mad trying to figure out the best way to ask Twilight out, with dozens of little inconveniences getting in her way, before Twilight herself just asks her out, shortcircuiting her brain.
And the story does have that. It's just that it's also filled with bad. Bad characterization, bad pacing, bad exposition. The few moments that got me to crack a smile do not make up for the amateurish execution of the rest of the story.
I suppose you could read it if you really like TwiDash, and just need your fix, but even still, you'd be better off rereading some of your favourites.