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Big Mac Sits on a Hill

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 128377/big-mac-sits-on-a-hill

Published: Aug '13

Review in No. 40425189
"Big Mac sits on a hill" is a four thousand two hundred words long short story about how everything we know about equestria is a lie. The story is pretty short and making any detailed comments on its plot would essentially mean spoiling the main twist, so i'll just say that everything you know about Twilight and her friends' adventures never really happened. You want to know why? Let Big Mac tell you.
The prose is good, Big Mac felt pretty in-character to me, and the fic's main idea is original, at least i've never seen it written before. I can't really offer any critique, it's just a good short story exploring an interesting concept. Perhaps it could work better as a longer story exploring the main idea behind the fic in more detail, but it's fine as it is. Worth reading.