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Singles Combat

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 545440/singles-combat

Published: Nov '23

Review in No. 40513879
This is a tremendously fun new Tunafic. The start is a bit rocky, with some jokes that don't quite land and an execution of warrior-princess Luna that's just off. But, once Luna finds Twilight on the moon, the story really kicks off. I like the idea of Alicorn II Twilight as a ridiculously overpowered monster hunter who is uninterested in monster hunting, and the tool MrNumbers used to entwine their physical and verbal duel is just excellent.
Then Twilight and Luna are talking to each other, a lot of the things they are saying have really good ideas behind them, but unfortunately only Luna's voice seems to shine through. That is to say, Twilight doesn't read like Twilight, even if the things she says could've been rewritten in Twilight's voice and fit. Lacking ponyisms holds the story back here.
Another thing this fic does well is grasp the reasons for them to fall for each other, although it's not believable to me that they would take until this point to do so.
The epilogue is also just hilarious and touching, it's basically just 2k of Twilight making Luna squirm by saying good things about her to her while she's pinned.