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A Hogwarts Harmony

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Published: Aug '23Nov '23

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Despite this being a Hailey Potter fic (7.0?), there is very little worth saying about it. The author cancelled it when they correctly identified that it was a Mary Sue fic. Truly, that is all that it is. I could give you a breakdown, but I assure you that if you have ever read a fic where Harry gets his own Lord's Quarters or where Hogwarts cares that he's the scion of a Most Ancient and whatever-the-fuck House, then you have already read this. It is the utter stereotype of a fic where Harry gets too much political power too early.

You might ask where my comments about the Hailey side or the MLP elements are. I have none. Neither are of any great relevance, except in that Ron calling Hailey "Harry" is legally adequate grounds for Ron being put to death (mercifully, he only gets a slap from Hailey and detention from a teacher). Don't think of this as an MLP crossover. Think of it as a terrible Harry Potter fic.