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The Snowball Fight

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 237365/the-snowball-fight

Published: Dec '14

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The Snowball Fight is a 24k word comfy adventure. And the best warfic on the site, coming from someone who doesn't like warfics.
I jest, but I did enjoy this silly little tale. Because that's its defining trait. Silliness. But in a good way. The kind of silliness that only kids can bring to the table. We've all been there when we were little. Your friends and you >implying would play a game, and it would be the most important and serious thing ever. Which is why you were so mad when your mom came and told you kids to stop playing and get inside for dinner. This was serious! There was a lot at stake! Deep down, you knew it wasn't, but it sure felt like it was.
That's the spirit of this fic, taken to lovingly absurd levels. Cheerilee instigated a school-wide snowball fight to keep the foals entertained for the day, and the promise of a prize sends all of them into a frenzy. Specially Diamond Tiara. Her business oriented mind lead to the formation of the Conglomerate, a group of foals with a rigid hierarchy bent on the subjugation of all other foals.
See what I mean? Silly.
It's true that are references galore. some are more obvious than others, but most went over my head. Nevertheless, I found a certain charm to them because they felt very much like the type of dumb humour I would indulge with my friends as a little kid.
I also liked how, despite them taking it very seriously, they couldn't stop from acknowledging that it was just a game whenever somepony got taken out. Also how Apple Bloom is just confused at how quickly it all went down.
I just really like this story. It made me very happy when I first read it, and it made me happy upon a re-read.
If you want to spend a commute reading something silly, I can whole-heartedly recommend this.