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You Hired Me Three Years Ago.

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 546916/you-hired-me-three-years-ago

Published: Dec '23

Review in No. 40608038
2k word comedy fic where twilight finds (pony) wallflower putting books away while closing up the castle library and the latter reminds the former that she hired her when she moved to ponyville. And for some reason only twilight can’t remember this.
this is a fine little one shot, prose are good and all, but it could have executed its premise better. The fic is tagged comedy, and maybe it’s just me, but it seemed a bit dry and most of the humor didn’t land for me. It’s clearly implied that she’s always been in the background of twilights life but it doesn’t really flesh that implication out or do anything with it. Wallflower just tiredly and a bit sarcastically reminds twilight about her existence employment and that’s it. 2k words just isn’t enough for that. A better, if not the best, example of the “secretly in the background/behind the scenes the whole time” premise I can think of would be “hold it together”.

I don’t know why this has blown up besides it being a traditional slice of life comedy one shot. A tried and texted archetype but one that’s a bit more sparse nowadays I think. Are we really just that starved for good new fanfics?