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Her Mothers' Daughter, Unfortunately

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 538772/her-mothers-daughter-unfortunately

Published: Jul '23

Review in No. 40717624
Her Mother's Daughter is a 1k drama about the dangers of miscegenation.
Everypony knows Earth ponies are strong. Everyone knows Pegasuses are lithe. One guess as to what happens when a Pegasus and an Earth pony have a child. That's right, the foal will have muscles way too strong for their bones to bear the stress. In this story, Fluttershy is having none of that, and seemingly leans towards ending the pregnancy rather than letting her foal suffer, much to Applejack's distress.
So, where does the story go with this interesting plot point? Nowhere! It's just a Thousand Words contest entry. It doesn't have the room to grow. I feel the conflict between AJ and Flutters could've used more focus than the medical description, but I suppose we needed that setup.
I'd actually like to see a story explore that concept deeper. Maybe with less lesbian magical spawn.