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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 538359/dis0rd3r

Published: Jul '23

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Dis/0rd3R is a 1k drama about mental illness. Also Twinkie. But that's redundant, amirite?
Pinkie gets diagnosed with BPD. This makes a lot of things make sense in hindsight. Worse still, this makes Twilight feel horrible for never noticing, and doubly horrible because she's never gonna be sure if any sign of affection from Pinkie is genuine or a distortion caused by her BPD.
I like the way both chapters are presented. The first one is a very analytical mental list that Twilight goes through as she ponders the meaning of Pinkie's illness and how it will affect their relationship. The second one is Pinkie's stream of consciousness as she blames herself for the whole thing.
The story ends with a compromise and a vow of support between the two of them as a nice way of saying that even though things aren't okay, they still have each other.
This is what I like to see in these 1k word fics. Not just Twinkie, but taking an idea and finding a way of exploring it in those thousand words. Having a clear conflic that's set up, developed, and still ends with some form of resolution. I enjoyed it.