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Cherry Pits

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 539167/cherry-pits

Published: Jul '23

Review in No. 40717629
Cherry Pits is a 1k Horror story about a strange entity haunting the Apple Family.
This veered a bit too much into symbolism and abstract imagery for my tastes. A shame, because I think this could've been pretty good.
I wasn't sure if the stranger was a creature, or a metaphorical representation of a deeper issue within the Apple Family. At first I thought it was Big Mac's parents marital problems made manifest into a monster, then that it may be mold. In the end, after it has ravaged the family, we learn it's Granny Smith.
I don't know. I liked what it was trying to do, but I needed something more concrete to make it all click in the end. It's a fine read, but I'm not a hundred percent sold on its quality.