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Bury It

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 538155/bury-it

Published: Jul '23

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Bury It is a 1k Horror story about how Flash Sentry will never be happy.
Living in the town of Bilge, Flash lives hit days as the captain of a fishing ship. Speaking of ships, he can't seem to find a partner despite his best efforts. Plenty of one-night stands, but no stallion for him to really love.
Then Cobalt came to town.
I think it's curious Cobalt is on a story of his own. This guy has his own Lovecraftian plot going on, and Flash is just along for the ride, getting involved the more he gets involved with Cobalt.
Once more, I'm happy at a 1k story manages to present a complete tale with some depth. It sets up both conflicts, even though it only really explores Flash's side of it. It really skims over the horrifying creatures encroaching over Bilge, choosing to relate it to Flash's arc. Because ultimately that's what it is. A story about his growth.
Overall, a pretty decent story.