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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 380964/dawn

Published: Jul '17

Review in No. 40718016
Dawn is a 1,3k word SoL one-hot. On the morning of the annual Summer Sun Celebration, Princess Celestia takes a day off to enjoy the sunrise.
I find that the author's note says everything I wanted to say,
"I know this probably won't leave much of an impact on most of you but I just wanted this to be a little practise piece to play around with. It's something I've been trying to finish for awhile. I know there's not a big story or conflict but I like to call these type of stories "mood pieces." Just short bits of fluff and stuff that allow 1300 words to explore on a particular character or topic."
It's just fluff. Well written fluff, perhaps. Comfy. But fluff nonetheless.