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The Ponyville Files

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 539822/the-ponyville-files

Published: Aug '23

Review in No. 40718566
The Ponyville Files is a 4,444 word Romance Mystery about Twilight learning that the Elements of Harmony were an inside job.
Well, not quite. It turns out that one of her friends had been a secret agent all along. She takes this revelation surprisingly well. She keeps reading through these declassified files, learning more and more about this secret agent, and learning how she wanted out of the organisation because she didn't want her friendship with Twilight to be built on lies.
Eventually, she figures out who this friend is (though halfway through it becomes quite apparent) around the time said friend confesses in her reports that she's developed feelings for Twilight.
I think it's kind of funny how Twiggles just ignores the degree to which this Celestia manipulated her life. Can't let the chance to get a gf her by, I suppose.
This was an interesting story. I wouldn't call it outstanding, but certainly entertaining.