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A Distinct Lack of Chaos

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 388203/a-distinct-lack-of-chaos

Published: Oct '17

Review in No. 40718577
A Distinct Lack of Chaos is a 5k word fixfic.
Where was Discord during the events of the movie? Why, going after Chrysalis, of course! This fic proposes that a lot of the events of the movie were orchestrated by Chrysalis, who was working in an alliance with the Storm King. However, Discord went after her, which is why neither showed up in the movie.
Overall, it's an interesting idea, but the story goes nowhere with it. Worse still, near the end we get a surprise twist... and then the story ends before it can be resolved. So, no ending. The story just stops.
A shame. I was liking where the story was headed, but it worked against itself in the end to leave me completely disatisfied. Don't bother.