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"Spike Is Real!"

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 546790/spike-is-real

Published: Nov '23

Review in No. 40719064
"Spike Is Real!" is a 5,2k word Drama, though I'd argue it could use the comedy tag as well.
Back in the day, when Twilight had that magic surge during her entrance exam, it was so powerful, it destroyed the dragon egg being used for the test. This was too much for the little filly, so she created this fantasy where she actually hatched the dragon, and it's been with her since then.
Everyone in Ponyville knows. Everyone in Ponyville thinks it's weird. Everyone in Ponyville agrees it's for the best for them to play along. Except for Diamond Tiara, who has the bright idea of making a small purple dragon plushdoll will with fake blood and stab it repeatedly in front of Twilight.
This causes the unicorn a major mental breakdown with seemingly no way back to normal... Until Scootaloo has an idea.
As heavy as the story can get regarding its topics, the last scene made me laugh. Genuinely. Perhaps due to the absurdity of it all, and how everybody in Ponyville was okay with leaving a superpowered unicorn with unchecked mental disorders play pretend, knowing full well it all could go up in flames at any moment.
Good story nonetheless.