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FimFiction Link - Short ID: 478398/broken

Published: Oct '21

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I enjoyed this little fic. As far as "character succumbs to dementia" style fics, I much prefer it when we're put in the point of view of said character.
I want to get my one gripe out of the way first. How did Shining manage to live a normal life if he's had severe brain and memory problems for what seem like decades? How can things play out the same way if his accident seemingly happened when he was still in the Academy? Is it even ethical to marry someone who probably won't remember you after the wedding? Not just to hate on latter seasons canon, but I think trying to directly tie Shining's life to things that happened later in his life only make me question how did he manage to live a normal life at all.
But if you ignore that, the story carries a good mood. That is to say, I was probably just as confused as Shining. I don't mind it when a story leaves some things unexplained, provided they give me enough to get a somewhat clear picture of what happened and, to be honest, Broken juuust barely did. As I said, I would've liked to get some more solid answers to how certain things unfolded.
Nevertheless, the heart of the story was Shining making his way through his dilapidated mind while desperately holding on to certain memories. And on that note, I feel it did a good job.
I don't look forward to going senile, and this fic didn't make me eager for my twilight years.