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The Path

FimFiction Link - Short ID: 283592/the-path

Published: Aug '15

Review in No. 40762424
The Path is a 5,7k word Horror one-shot. While spending a perfectly normal Nightmare Night staying at home with her animals, Fluttershy is startled by Angel bunny completely losing his mind in fear and running into the Everfree.
This was the author's first fanfic. And it has the pitfalls of many my-first-horror-story fanfics. The characters act with less logic than you'd expect, the threat is too nebulous to feel threatening, Angel bunny doesn't get brutally murdered. That's on top of the regular my-first-story mistakes, like poor pacing, several typos, and so on.
While far from the worst I've seen, I wouldn't say this is required reading. Not even if you've already read all the horror on the site.